As with most furniture retailers, all sales are final. We highly recommend viewing furniture items prior to purchase or delivery, and we only offer returns / refunds for furniture purchases with undisclosed damage or manufacturing defects, or in cases with mutual agreed exceptions. Natural wear and tear to vintage furniture is not considered damage, and most of our vintage furniture has been refurbished or refinished in our workshop – by yours truly – so any wear on most pieces would be due to the vintage nature of the furniture.

If you buy a piece and change your mind after delivery or pick-up, we can consult you on how to resell the piece for the same price you bought it, or more, because we are generally nice and helpful people! We are not IKEA though, and we cannot afford to refund willy nilly all over the place, because we pay A LOT MORE for our furniture than IKEA does, and we make A LOT LESS than they do from selling it.

With all vintage and new furniture, we give customers 48 hours after purchasing to inspect for undisclosed damage that we may have missed on vintage items, or manufacturing defects on new items. As a small business, we cannot afford to process returns on new furniture after it has already been used for over 48 hours. If there is any concerns regarding items purchased from us, please reach out to us.

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