Check out some videos featuring our furniture!

Here you’ll find our own videos we’ve made for our special furniture, as well as links to other YouTube channels for movies and music videos featuring our furniture or shot in our warehouse. Enjoy!

From Our Instagram

From YouTube

The following are videos that were shot in our warehouse, that we helped make, or that feature our set decorating and furniture

Making a Film Set

Movies shot with our help

set decorating, furniture, and voice of Elvis the Pig
set building, set decorating, acting and custom music
helped out on set, acted as sasquatch, did soundtrack
set building, custom furniture, set decorating, acting and custom song

Music Videos made with our help

theme song for Living With Bigfoot, featuring us
our song for the summer 2022
video shot for Saen in and around warehouse, provided feature vocals
theme song for Clown Motel Vacancies 2, shot in and around warehouse
theme song for Key to Christmas, shot in warehouse
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