Sell or Donate Furniture

Sell Or Donate Furniture

We purchase most the furniture that we fix and sell, but occasionally we also sell furniture that is donated to us. From donated furniture, we give 25% of net proceeds to the local charity Aunt Leah’s Place. Our mission is to sell enough furniture that we can make a positive difference in our community. 

We offer free pick-up of any approved donations. If you’d like to donate furniture, please consider our criteria below. 

To inquire about a sale or donation, please call, text or email us. You can also use the Sale and Donation Form below. 

Call/text: 778-957-6108
Email: info@fullcirclefurniture.ca

Donation Criteria

We wish we could accept all furniture donations, but because of storage and labour costs, donations must meet the following criteria for us to pick-up:

1) Pieces cannot be damaged beyond feasible repair and refurbishing (for example, no significant amount of damaged or rotting wood and no significant amount of peeling veneer). 

2) Upholstered furniture cannot have damaged or significantly stained fabric, leather, etc.

3) Large items, like couches, China cabinets and hutches will only be accepted at our discretion, depending on our space and labour availability.

4) We do not take mattresses

If you are unsure about whether we can pick up your donation, just email us pictures at info@fullcirclefurniture.ca and call us.

Sale and Donation Form

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